When searching online for different types of marijuana the first thing that will come across is that there are three distinct colors that determine the type of strain and category. The three types of marijuana are indica, sativa and hybrid. A new marijuana consumer may not be able to distinguish the different types and even those who consider themselves veterans may not fully understand the importance of ranking the different strains.

The terms indica, sativa and hybrid have been around for as long as marijuana has been around. In fact there is evidence that historical taxonomical distinctions were around from as early as the 18th Century. This is when the differences between cannabis sativa and cannabis indica were first spotted. These are differences to do with their resin production and leaf structure. The hybrid category which came much later was adopted by marijuana growers who did this through the combination of marijuana from different geographic regions.

Different types of marijuana

Cannabis indica is believed to be an origin of the Hindu Kush region, the area around Afghanistan. In this region the residents developed thick coats made of resin to protect themselves against the adverse climatic and weather conditions of the region. Cannabis sativa is known to thrive in temperate climates that are found nearer to the equator. It may also be found in variable climatic conditions.

The indican variety has been found to be more relaxing and sedating, by producing a whole body effect that will literally ‘lock’ you to your couch. This experience will basically mean that you will be happier seating there, unwinding on your experience while watching your favorite show. On the extreme side, sativas may be found to produce racy cerebral effects that make one thinks they are more energized than usual. Because of these two extremes many people would prefer to smoke indicas at night while sativa are preferred in the mornings to afternoon.

Both varieties, sativa and indica, have medicinal properties but as a result of their perceived differences they are each selected based on the type of symptom they are expected to manage. As an example, you will find that cannabis indica is largely used to treat pain and insomnia while cannabis sativa may be used to deal with fatigue and depression. Because of varying combinations of sativa and indica, the more preferred option is the hybrid variety because it is seen as balancing the effects of both varieties while it offers a little of both worlds.

Many may be skeptical on the extent of the effects of this classification but any marijuana connoisseur will tell you that there is a distinct difference in the effect of both varieties. Different people’s expectations will determine the experience they have with each variety but there is a consistency across board. But we cannot deny that sometimes these experiences are over generalized.

Cannabinoids such as CBD and THC have molecular structures each with its own unique components and medicinal benefits. Because of this marijuana strains are the sum total of other smaller components.



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