For a long time now, the direct link between lung cancer and tobacco smoke is almost undeniable. But what about the issue about inhaling marijuana and lung cancer, is there proof? The long and short of it is that, maybe, maybe it does.

In research findings released in 2006 that shocked a number in the medical field, the results indicated that there had not been an increase in lung cancer as a result of marijuana consumption. The same results went further to suggest that cannabis could actually protect users against lung cancer effects.

However, probably shocked by the earlier results, another team conducted a study on marijuana and lung cancer. These results showed that there did appear to be a link between marijuana consumption and lung cancer although these results were mixed when compared to the previous results.Does marijuana cause cancer

The latter results showed that there was a double increase in number of those affected by lung cancer as a result of smoking marijuana. The research had been carried out among males who also smoked cigarettes, as in tobacco. The results showed that of those who smoked an equal amount of marijuana the chances of getting lung cancer doubled.

In another study, the results showed that with an increased use of marijuana among young adults, the risk of getting lung cancer also increased. This increase arose in relation to the amount of marijuana one consumed. Therefore the more one smoked and often one smoked played a big role.

Research has also shown that regular marijuana consumption can cause damage to the airway, an effect which can be seen under a microscope. With all these said, the regular consumption of marijuana has been seen to cause significant damage to the lung which may cause changes in how the lung functions.



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