Weed is the seed that can be germinated and the plant can be grown easily. Germinating the cannabis seed is the first and foremost step for getting the crop under the way. The first thing needed is water. The process of imbibing is done by the seed where the seed gets soaked into water which is necessary for the germination of the seed. The next factor needed in germination is air. This is to ensure that the embryo will perform the process of transpiration and photosynthesis. Then the seed needs degree of warmth for its growth.  There are many ways to germinate the weed seeds but the best way is described below. The time taken for a weed to grow is usually same in all cases.

Time to grow weed

Growing weed starts with taking the plates and keeping the seeds into it and closing it to create a dark and moisture atmosphere for it to grow. The plates are to be kept in warm atmosphere. It usually takes 72 hours to get the root out of the seed but in some cases it can take 10 long days. But this situation is very less common. Then the seeds that have the root sprouted are t be placed in the pot with proper dimensions and distance so that growth is proper. Then the seeds are covered so that the light is blocked. The seedlings of the cannabis arrive in 24 to 72 hours after the plant is planted. Then they are to be created for 2 weeks. Proper light is to be given to the seedlings. So in total it takes around 8 weeks to grow a weed seed and it can also take up to 7 months to grow. The time depends on the light and other factors.



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