Why is it that sometimes oral fluid tests or saliva tests are preferred to urine drug tests? This is because oral fluid test will be able to detect any drugs consumed immediately from the most recent time it was consumed for up to four days later. The other conventional drug tests like urine tests will not be able to do the same; urine will only be able to detect drug use four hours after it was initially consumed.

When oral fluid tests are combined together with high tech instruments, this kind of test may come with a number of benefits when compared to other kind of testing methods. When finding out what makes saliva tests better than urine tests, one need to look at the following advantages and what potential benefit they hold for your clinic, lab or hospital.

Marijuana saliva tests offer an early detection time

As stated earlier, saliva testing has the capability of detecting any drug use that was done within the last couple of hours. This is the detection window that urine drug tests can omit. In most cases, marijuana saliva drug tests will be able to bring back a positive result moments after it was consumed. This ability, with its potential of detecting most drugs that have been consumed within the last one to four days is what makes saliva testing the best test especially when dealing with post accident tests or in cases of impairment. This early detection window is also important in checking how the potency of marijuana that was consumed.How long does marijuana stay in your saliva

Goes deep into drug levels

When any type of sample is taken, either urine, hair or saliva, for marijuana testing it must go through an immunoassay screening process that will either results in a positive or negative test. Every sample that comes back positive during this screening will then be confirmed by the most sensitive marijuana drug test available.



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