Having lived in Oregon for most of my life, I have seen the cannabis industry grow right before my eyes. I have seen the product grow in people’s basements, sheds, closets, secret rooms and I have even had some close friends leasing warehouses to populate with the plant whether grown legally or illegally. Some people did not even bother to hide it and planted it in their outdoor plots.

Within my immediate family, my grandfather had grown the plant and so did my father just after him. I took up the practice myself. I grew the plant when it was cheaper to plant than buy. This changed for me with time. Presently, there has been an influx of marijuana in Oregon. In fact it is so strange that rather than buying the product you find yourself being a recipient from friends or family who have enough and want to share. It is quite interesting really.

How to get weed

If you are one of the unlucky people who do not have acquaintances who can throw some weed your way once in a while I feel sorry for you. If you are medical marijuana patient in Oregon you can find hundreds of dispensaries that will supply medical marijuana to you. Most of them sell marijuana at cheaper prices. How easy is it to get a dispensary? You will find a dispensary in every three blocks, that’s how easy it is. You should be able to get $160 ounces of high end marijuana 24 seven. This is amazing for consumers.

There was a time when there were few and far between dispensaries in Oregon. Now you are likely to find one in any corner. It is like there is one opening every week. The demand for marijuana is quite crowded and it is not expected to go down soon.



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