While iCloud is implied to be used mostly on your Apple iPhone, iPad, and Mac, times might develop when you’ll require access to your mail or schedule from a public computer. Perhaps your iPhone is dead and you have to use a friend’s computer, or you’re on vacation and do not have mobile information, however, there is a new coffee shop or incurable nearby. In any case, you can swiftly and conveniently access mail, contacts, schedules, and much of the other iCloud services from any kind of web browser just with the help of iCloud login.

How to access iCloud mail together with contacts, schedules, and extra from any kind of web browser?

  • Launch any kind of web browser on any type of computer.
  • Go to iCloud.com.
  • Log in to your iCloud account.

With iCloud on the web, you even have access to Files in the Cloud which suggests that Numbers spreadsheet you were working with from your iPad is likewise readily available in your iCloud account online. This will also help in synchronizing your photos and other media with the help of iCloud Photos.

Recognize much more concerning the Types of Info Synced Through iCloud.

While lots of people may have seen the television commercials from Apple, they are still unfamiliar with the benefits of iCloud Storage and ways to use it. Comprehending and customizing the details synced on your tools will assist keep your important info as much as a day on all your gadgets.


You should have an iCloud.com e-mail address for this to work correctly. If you don’t have an iCloud.com address, it can be gotten for free, ideal for your device.

Contacts, Calendars, and Reminders

Allowing these options enables your Contacts, Calendars, and Reminders to be synced to all your gadgets. If you upgrade something on one tool, it is instantly updated on all your various other Gadgets.


Setting the Safari option to ON will sync book markings and tabs across all tools. To see tabs from other devices, open Safari on one gadget and pick the icon at the end of the web page that looks like an open book.


Passbook maintains your airline company boarding passes, movie tickets, retail vouchers, commitment cards, and gift cards are done in one place. The promo code can be redeemed by scanning the iPhone or iPod touch at the point of use.

Photo Stream

Allowing Picture Stream permits you to share photos across all your gadgets. Images taken on one device are instantly offered on all other devices. You can also create different Image Streams to share with others.

Find my Apple iPhone

This service enables you to find a tool if it gets shed. Enable Find My iPhone on each device. You cannot situate a gadget if this option isn’t really set to the ON position.

iCloud Storage and Back-up.

Picking this item gives access to the storage space and Backup options. Making it possible for the Backup feature will immediately backup your data to iCloud.