Marijuana use is not only harmful to the one whom is smoking it alone, the smoke can pause a danger to other people around him as well. Research findings have come out to prove that weed has the potential of causing dangers to day to day living. In one study where a sample of 129 college students participated, it emerged that of those who consumed marijuana at least twenty seven days prior to the thirty days just before the research was carried out several things stood out.

Among these results included learning skills were diminished, memory was affected, attention to detail was also diminished. In another study that was conducted among postal workers, it was found that of the employees who had marijuana in their system 55 per cent of them were prone to accidents while 85 per cent incurred more injuries and the other 75 per cent reported more absence from their work.

Is marijuana bad for you

A different research from Australia it was revealed that intoxication from cannabis resulted in at least 4.3 per cent driver fatalities. In the recent years it is almost impossible to grow up in a drug free environment as one is exposed to drugs of any kind from a very early age. The biggest culprit of this being peer pressure. It is quite high among school going children, on the other hand any honest information on the potential dangers paused by drugs may not be available to this tender population.

Most often the same people who are pressuring you to use drugs are the same people who will tell you that drugs are harmless so it is important to get your information from an independent source. Your source for anything is very important. And consider their interests before doing anything potentially dangerous.



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