Christians must always evaluate the usage of weed from a different grid. The innate chemical constitution of marijuana will reveal you the fact here. Tetrahydrocannabinol is present in any form of marijuana. It is called as THC. This active chemical can result in a “High”. THCs do ignite a wave of physiological changes in the form of cellular reactions in the brain. Such reactions create a short-term effect to induce, motor coordination losses, memory losses, weakened ability to make decisions right, and so on. Moreover, heart beat rate increases and the overall perception of the individual about the reality will decline badly. Biblically, a man lacking self-control is just like any city that is broken into and left with no walls.

Possessing and smoking marijuana is almost legal in many parts of Canada, now. Moreover, all the indicators are potentially suggesting at the fact that, sooner or later, complete legalization is expected to come in not only in the USA but also in Canada. This situation now, compels a Christian to ponder carefully on whether is it a sin or not to smoke weed. Trying to answer this question religiously,Is smoking weed a sin

Whether or not it is prohibited or accepted by the state of federal laws in your place, a Christian shall not use or possess it for whatsoever reason. Christians are never commanded to smoke or use weed in the Bible. Instead, they are commanded to obey the rules and regulations of the governing authorities. It is to cooperate and stay united and secured as a community, a nation, or a country. Without proper cooperation from all the side, the governing body will lose it efficacy to manage and secure the people under its governance. To not to make their job tougher, and thus weaken the security of their own community, people that belong to any group are commanded to obey the authorities that are governing them.



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