When marijuana is inhaled some of the active compounds that become present in the body include THC and a few other components present in the cannabis plant. These chemicals will travel from the lungs to the blood stream where they will be carried rapidly all over the body where it will finally get to the brain. Any marijuana user will then begin to experience the drug effects immediately after. This effect may be described as a pleasant euphoria with some sense of being relaxed. Because each person’s effect varies, the drug effects can also vary for some users who may experience a heightened sensory perception where colors may become very bright, uncontrollable laughter, an increased appetite or an altered perception of time.

If one consumes marijuana in food items like brownies, cookies or laced in sweets or even beverages the effects will not be as immediate as when it is inhaled. Edible marijuana will present effects from between 30 minutes to one hour. This is because marijuana must first be digested before the effects can be felt. However when you eat or drink marijuana it will deliver slightly less THC levels to the bloodstream compared to when you smoke it. Because of the delayed effect from ingested marijuana users may find themselves eating more of the product than they had planned to.Negative effects of marijuana

Marijuana effects are not all pleasant, instead of bringing the relaxed feeling or euphoria some people start to experience fear, anxiety, distrust or panic. This is normally the case when one consumes more than usual marijuana or one consumes marijuana with high potency levels or when a new user consumes more than they should. When one takes more than usual amounts of marijuana they may begin to experience acute psychosis which could present as delusion, hallucination or loss of personal identity.



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