Pokémon go is certainly not a fresh buzz, as we all are well  aware of the fact, that  this free to play reality augmented game took internet by storm last year. It is one of the top rated and most popular game worldwide. If you are not that much into pokemon go bluestacks then you, must be intrigued to know what really the obsession is followed by the hanker for the game.Internet is horded with article, blogs and videos about this game, but if you are looking for the prelude, then you are at right stop so lets us quickly switch on our GPS mode to find the pokemon.

The game is the collaborative effort of the Niantic and Nintendo the former is US base company that specialises inaugmented reality games. It is a location based (AR) game and right after its launch it became a rage as the gamers were going crazy and in no time, it became a massive phenomenon. Unlike other games this game is not console based as said earlier, you need to coordinate with your GPS, as this will engage people to search area to find the Pokemon.

The best part of the game is that you do not have to spend a dime,so if you have not tried hands on the game then what are you waiting for as this will surely help you get out of the rut of the routine life.


0nce the game account is established then the players can create their own avatarand the gamer would beseen inthe avatar that you choose in the game play. The game utilizes the user’s phone and GPS for finding the location of the gamer within the game.  In addition the game play is all about finding the poekmon, any game is not possible without monster  that will  acts as a deterrent  in the game play and in this game the monsters can appear in any form i.e. rats, dragon, birds, snake, trees, swords and dinosaur among others.

As you will proceed in the game, you will find several pokemon that will appear near to your location and the essence of the game lies to catch the pokemon in the real world. Furthermore it is a rage since its launch thus if you are still sceptical about the game weather you should try hands on the game or not then you must try the game. One can easily download the game from Google play store the process is easy as all you have to do is to follow the instructions that are pretty simple and easy so download the game take on the roads to find Pokemon.