How to make marijuana brownies


If you are trying to make marijuana brownies, then, you cannot just through buts into the food, there are steps, which you can try to make a delightful marijuana brownies. There is a high amount of THC and CBD present in marijuana. It is necessary to extract THC or CBD from marijuana, then mix it with butter and oil, and then cook with food. The two ways by which marijuana brownies can be made are oil method and butter method.

Oil method:

There are certain items required for making marijuana brownies in oil method. You will need a grinder, a filter, a frying pan, brownies and a spoon apart from the two essential materials oil and weed. First, one needs to grind the marijuana buts until they are powdered. For this, you may have to grind it for more than four or five times.

In the next step, put the marijuana powder into the frying pan and mix oil with it. However, you must be focused on how much brownies you want to make and according to it, you need to pour oil into the marijuana powder. Now, the time comes for heating it to extract the natural ingredient like CBD or THC. However, for an even heating, choosing of a frying pan of the size of the oven is necessary to have.

Burn it for more than 2 hours. Now, filter it with the help of a filter. All the seeds and buds of the marijuana will be stuck into the filter and you will get the marijuana powder and oil mixture. Now, the final step needs to be conducted where you need to put the extracted oil into the food and start making brownies through the normal procedure of making the brownies.

How to make marijuana brownies

Butter method:

Apart from the oil method, you can try out butter method for marijuana brownies. For this method, you will need the same stuff except butter and pot. You will need to have two separate pots-small and big.

For extracting the natural ingredient from the marijuana, you need to place the small pot under the even larger pot. You must be sure that, the larger pot is of the same size as the oven. In the larger put, water needs to be filled with and in the smaller pot, throw three or four spoons of butter to mix with the marijuana it.

This process is risky as everything depends on your judgment of heat. You need to identify when to stop or lower heating, because too much heat can lead to the destruction of the natural ingredient.  After boiling the water for some time, not more than 3 hours, bring out the smaller pot and filter the mixture with the help of a filter paper or any other filtering option. Every useless material like seed, buts etc will be sorted out in this process. Now, in the final step, apply the butter with the brownies, do the normal baking procedure, and enjoy marijuana brownies.