How long does marijuana stay in your blood?

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  • It affects the brain by short-term memory loss.
  • Distorted perception.
  • Mouth gets dried up, and eyes are red for a minimal time.
  • Gets into depression and anxiety.
  • Reaction time gets slow.
  • Increases heart beat.

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  • If taken continuously for a long period then it affects the brain and body.
  • Disorder in growth
  • Decreasing sex life of a person
  • Decreasing motivation and male sex hormones.
  • Mood swings become a common thing.
  • Reduced the immunity level of a person.

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opciones binarias arbitraje Blood test for detection of marijuana:

  • Difficult to get the result because these tests are less frequently used.
  • Its detection level is narrow, which is tough to detect any active metabolites in the blood.
  • High THC in blood denotes that the person took marijuana recently.
  • These tests are mostly used in accidents and rash driving in which they can detect that the person has recently taken drugs or not.

Thus, the effect of marijuana does not stay for long in the blood but it causes a lot of short terms and long term effects that might affect the life of a person. It is legal in countries because if taken properly it helps in medical uses and benefits the patients.