Losing weight out of smoking weed is something that is really a myth. Smoking weed makes you eat more and more. It means you put on more weight naturally, as you hardly do any productive work when you are under the influence of some narcotics. It is easy to gain weight when you are smoking weed, logically. The reality is exactly opposite though. Most of the stoners are skinny as we can see practically. How do they manage to cut down weight is a mystery though. Researches are in process still to identify any big contribution from the ingredients of marijuana towards weight loss. Interestingly, nothing significantly has been noted so far to contribute towards weight loss, to a considerable extent.

Therefore, to connect the habit of smoking weed towards effective weight loss is something that has no science-backed evidence all until now. Costs of the weed are not cheaper to use it as a reliable means as a weight loss supplement. There are so many cheaper alternatives. Price per ounce of weed cannot intrigue on its use towards losing weight by any means whatsoever.

How much does weed cost is not a matter of botheration for those who belong to the affluent society in the urban cities in particular. Even the school youth are capable of purchasing weed quite commonly. Ganja culture is not something new though. The trend existed since so many decades now, here in this part of the world, which actually originated from the Latin Americas in particular. Roots are mainly from Jamaica in fact. Kingston is one major part of the Caribbean cities, from where the marijuana items are being dispatched to major parts of the USA, through the Miami port in particular. Get to know on how much does an ounce of weed cost in your place, before attempting to use it to lose fat.



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