Does smoking weed make you lose weight


Having the words weed and losing weight in the same sentence may seem sound like an oxymoron, like misplaced words especially considering one of the side effects of marijuana (munchies). This effect normally has users eating hundreds of calories, amounts they normally would not in their sober state. But there are recent findings that prove this myth wrong.

In results released by the American Journal of Medicine which studied over 4,500 adults, with 579 of the reporting to be regular weed users, it was found that of those who smoked weed at least 3-5 times weekly had low fasting insulin levels. There are other studies done before this that have all drawn results not far from this.

An important bodily fluid, the insulin which is produced by the pancreas, it important in understanding what happens. Insulin carries sugar in the form of glucose through cell walls where the sugar is converted into energy. If your body is producing too much insulin then you will also be absorbing more glucose causing you to become more tired.Does smoking weed make you lose weight

Take another scenario where one has low insulin production which may result in damaged arteries caused by a buildup of glucose. When one smokes weed it seems that weed regulates the process of insulin production through absorption of glucose. This enhances the levels of good cholesterol in the system and will improve the general metabolic function. It is however not clear how all these happens.

There is some speculation that weed regulates weight through interfering with THC receptors found in the brain. These receptors are normally responsible for regulating the appetite and memory, when it is triggered by a compound known as cannabidiol it can result in memory loss and what we referred to earlier as munchies.