Carbon monoxide: how to avoid a deadly poison


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* Never use a barbecue grill inside a home, garage, or tent.

* Take extreme care with kerosene heaters. Before operating one, find out if such heaters are legal in your state. If you do use a kerosene heater, always keep a window open slightly. Refuel outside, after the heater has cooled down.

* Speak with your family about the importance of having a specialist check fireplaces, chimneys, furnaces, water heaters, wood stoves, and portable or space heaters for cracks, blockages, and leaks.

* Make needed repairs before using the equipment. Usually, local utility companies provide inspection and repair services. Utility companies also can test for the presence of carbon monoxide in the home.

* Never use heaters or stoves that run on propane, butane, kerosene – or any other fossil fuel – inside a tent or camper.

* Stay away from tobacco smoke. Along with many other harmful substances, it contains low levels of CO.

Finally, if you believe you have symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning, get into a well-ventilated area at once – and then call your physician.