9 Common Symptoms To Look For When You Quit Smoking


If you have stopped using tobacco then you are probably experiencing nicotine withdrawal, especially during the initial recovery stage. It is important to remember that these symptoms only lasts a little while, and some of the most common side effects of smoking cessation and withdrawal from tobacco include:

1. Cravings - Smoking is an addiction, and just like any addict you will experience intense cravings for a cigarette. These can be minimized by keeping active, getting plenty of exercise, and staying occupied whenever possible.

2. Headache - A headache is one of the biggest problems that former smokers experience when they stop this unhealthy habit. This is the result of chemical and physical changes that are occurring in the body and this symptom will go away after a few days. Caffeine may help in some cases, and over the counter medications for relief of headache pain can also be used as needed.

3. Irritability - The smoking cessation health benefits are proven, but so is the irritability of anyone who is trying to stop. Because you are thinking about the habit you will be more irritable and more likely to snap at others until you have been in recovery for a little while.

4. Anxiety - A feeling of anxiousness is reported by many who have kicked the habit and stayed clean for some time. The thought of not having this crutch can send many into a full blown panic attack at times, and using relaxation techniques can help you deal with these emotions and eliminate them more effectively.

5. A Preference For Sweet Foods - A sweet tooth is very common for anyone who is trying to fight an addiction. You will notice that you tend to eat more because you are trying to keep both your hands and mouth occupied. Try using hard candy, gum, and even lollipops to keep your calorie intake lower without relapsing or giving in to high calorie indulgences.

6. Feeling Hungry More Frequently - Nicotine depresses the normal appetite, so those who smoke often eat less and do not feel hunger as frequently. Once you quit you will notice that your appetite picks up, and you feel hungry more often.

7. A Drop In Heart Rate And Blood Pressure - This side effect is actually a good thing. Many believe that cigarettes help them relax but actually the opposite is true. Tobacco tends to increase your blood pressure and heart rate, and eliminating this substance can reverse this effect.

8. Problems Concentrating - Concentration may not be possible at first, because your mind may want to keep going back to the old habit instead of focusing on the task at hand. Your thoughts may race or wander and you may not be able to focus at all.

9. Insomnia - Insomnia is one of the most commonly complained about effects of any cessation efforts. Not being able to sleep at night can contribute to more stress during the day, and you may become chronically tired as a result. This may make you more likely to give in and go back to the old ways, so it is very important that you get enough sleep each night.