If you want to quit smoking is exercise important? Yes, and for a number of reasons. When you engage in physical activity you benefit in many ways, and you will usually experience fewer withdrawal symptoms as a result. One of the benefits that you will experience is faster detoxification, and this means that the harmful substances in cigarettes are cleared out of your body more quickly.

Nicotine withdrawal symptoms can be unpleasant but they are only temporary, and will not last as long when you get exercise on a regular basis. When you work out or are active your blood will travel through your body faster, and this allows any toxins and harmful substances to be pulled out more effectively. As long as these compounds and residues are in your tissues you are more likely to experience cravings.

Physical activity can also occupy you, both physically and mentally. This allows you to relieve stress and eliminate any pent up emotions. Your mental clarity will improve and your thoughts will be clearer and more coherent. The increase in your respiratory rate that occurs will also help to clear out your lungs faster, and shorten any excessive phlegm production and cough that you do experience.

You may crave a cigarette badly at times, especially right after you have finally stopped for good. When these occur try working out. Go to the gym and spend an hour or two on various machines. Go for a fast paced walk around the block, or around the local mall if the weather is not nice.

Be prepared for all of the negative side effects that you may experience because you are no longer using tobacco, and create a regular work out schedule that allows you to get exercise several times a week. Jogging, swimming, and many different sports are all enjoyable activities that can help you keep from taking this unhealthy habit up again.



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