More than four hundred varies chemicals are present in marijuana. Not all are unique for the plant alone. Just 61 ingredients of the special kind make it discreet. Behaviorally active agents in case of alcohol is just one, alone. In case of weed, there are so many active agents. This is the reason for any experienced stoner to be able to hit high so fast.

18 amino acids are present in the herb, cannabis. About 27 compounds are nitrogenous. Three different varieties of proteins are available too. Non-cannabinoid phenyl alcohol present in the cannabis extracts, are responsible for activating the brain cells. Pharmacological relevance to these standards is not found in most other plants that are researched so far. With that said, if you are interested to use the cannabis plants, leaves or roots or even the twigs, if you want, then there are lot of benefits out of it, especially in the pharmacology industry.

Using this much potential available in the drug for just smoking, has led to the havoc and the ban of the drug use in most of the countries around the world. People get addicted to the usage of marijuana so easily. THC is the major ingredient that brings in mind-altering effect in the users. Stoners crave for this change, which term it to be hitting highs.

Interestingly, if you make someone smell it when they have a vomiting sensation, they will be relieved at once. Nausea comes to a standstill when you smell the weed while you are travelling in a ship on long journeys. Carcinogenic hydrocarbons are higher in the smoke of weed, compared against the smoke of nicotine containing cigarettes. The chances for cancer in the lungs, and the respiratory tract are higher with the repetitive usage of the drug for smoking.



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