Weed refers to flowers, stems, dried leaves and seeds from the hemp plant of Cannabis sativa. The plants has the capability to alter the mind as it contains the chemical delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol i.e. THC. Weed is used by people in form of smoking with the help of hand rolled cigars and pipes. The cigars are filled partly or completely with the weed. Some people wish to avoid smoking and so they avoid inhaling the smoke and use the vaporizers. The active ingredients of the THC are pulled and are stored in storage unit in form of vapor and then used by people. This is used by those who do not prefer to inhale the smoke.

Harmful effects of smoking weed

When you smoke weed, THC and other components of weed enter the body and travel into the blood and reaches the brain. The effects will make you feel high and you will be able to see the images which are not real. When the weed is smoked it creates problems like trouble in thinking and remembering people and things, dry mouth, increases heart rate and allows down the coordination. The smoke of weed contains 60 chemicals which lead to memory loss and unsteady walk.Is smoking weed bad for you

Smoking weed is called dabbing as the smoking contains high amount of THC. The people use the THC in various forms such as in hash oil, wax and shatter. The intake of these extracts can lead to serious problems to the health of the user. Weed affects the brain in long term. Weed affects the development of brain. The drug affects the connection that is build between the brain and the areas which are necessary in various functions. Smoking weed is really harmful to the health as it controls and damages the brain cells. Weed should be kept away from teenagers as it affects them more.



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