Is weed a drug?


Weed is the word that is used to describe the dried seeds, stems and flowers of hemp plant. It is commonly known as ganja, hemp, grass, marijuana and many more names. Cannabis describes the drug that comes from the hemp plant and it is a drug that creates hallucinations i.e. the person can see the things and structures that are not in real.

Why weed is a drug?

The chemical that creates distortion from weed is called THC. The THC is found in huge amounts in weed and it is increasing with the passing years. There is controversy whether weed is beneficial or harmful. For some it has proved to be beneficial for curing their illness and for some it has proved to be the drug which is the most harmful thing for the body. Higher amounts of weed are capable for damaging the brain cells and others functions if brain such as memory loss, attention, etc.Is weed a drug

Weed is considered as a drug as it is similar to cocaine and has effects on the body. Moreover it has the capability to make someone addicted towards it. The weed affects the body and the person loses interest in life, school, etc. the drug is very common amongst teenagers. It is difficult to get rid of weed as it has some withdrawal symptoms such as anxiety, depression and others. There is less awareness about the harmful effects of weed and so people get easily addicted to it and continue using it. It is not that addictive that a person gets to it from first time. But after using it for long time it becomes addiction for people. Weed is the drug that is used from very beginning. Studies and scientists have proved that weed is a drug and it has harmful effects.