Weed is also known as marijuana. Weed is very powerful and has the capability to control and damage the development of the brain cells and other brain functions. There are many ways of taking weed and weed is very common amongst the youngster. Everyone has doubt whether weed is addictive like other drugs. It was tested that majority of people who tried weed never became addicted to it. It is not like some other drugs which are so potent that people get addicted to it from first day. It is easy to quit smoking weed. It results into some symptoms during withdrawal like anxiety, nausea, and disturbance in sleep and depression.

Addictiveness of weed

When weed is compared to other substances it is less addictive. A study said that 32% of tobacco users become addicted, 17% of alcohol user becomes addictive but the figure of weed smoking is very less. It is hard to quit smoking but quitting weed is comparatively easy. Weed contains THC and so it is believed that it contains more capabilities and is addictive. Though weed contains high amount of THC then also continuous users of weed are able to control their own selves when they are high. Weed is not that effective that it will make an individual addictive from the very first time of using it. It is powerful but not addictive. In case if someone becomes addictive then it is easy to get rid of the addiction of weed. For many of the people weed is an enjoyable product and they find pleasure in it. But it affects their mental abilities and thus it is harmful. The teenagers taking the weed regularly have low results at the end. So weed is not addictive though it is powerful but it damages the brain and so it is not preferable.



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