Who gets to the habit of marijuana to become addicts? In fact, it is not as worst as it is exaggerated in the movies, and novels, but to certain extent, in certain individuals it can be addictive too. Certainly, health threats can be there as well, with heavy usage of the drug. Yet, if you use it occasionally occasionally, then there is no problem that you would face just by smoking weed. This is the conclusion arrived based upon evidences from surveying many of the pot smokers around the country.

Now, having said that, weed is no good substance to not to intrigue addiction, though. Defining addiction is quite a complex task as there so many different ways that people interpret the idea or concept of addiction. So, based upon that perception, the effects of marijuana can be perceived to be addictive or semi-addictive or completely addictive or not addictive at all. It depends upon the individual, his or her mental determination, physiological make up, and so on.

While there are not any one that are made out of stone, just because of the fact that they are stoners, there are a quite few strong folks out there, that remain unaltered or shaken by the ill effects of the weed. Again, these people are so sharp in the sense they stick to their limits at all costs. Then, is it all worth to take so much risk on your ability to stay with self-control. Remember, anything can happen in those hours when you are out of your self-control or when you are under the worst influence of the drug. Whether you call it to be a high or low, it does not really matter but weed is certainly addictive and even with a slightest mistake, it can swallow you completely. So, just stay away from marijuana in any form.



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