What happens when you smoke weed


Carcinogens exposure creates havocs in the stoners most often. This is because of the longer amount of time; the stoners inhale the weed smoke deeply and hold it inside before exhaling, while compared to the cigarette smokers. With that said, one can understand the serious impairment in the lungs of the stoners over a period. It can potentially lead to cancer like dreaded diseases too. Smoking weed alters the mental state of mind completely. When you have smoked weed heavily, then there are all chances for you to lose your consciousness from the reality, for hours together. 66 cannabinoids are present in the drug, which may cause different reactions by interacting with the brain cells.

In fact, all these 66 cannabinoids will fall into ten different closely related groups. Based upon the single points of differences, they are categorized as degradation compounds, precursors and the byproducts. Effects will be slightly varying with each one’s interaction with the brain cells. Imagine the amount of changes that can happen in your central nervous system chemically by then, when you smoke weed on a regular basis. Luckily, under most circumstances, all these changes are just only temporary or short term enough. Reversibility is the one that keeps the stoners alive.

Prolonged usage of the drug, though, can cause serious impair in the tissues of the central nervous system as well as the pulmonary tract too. When this happens, then the victim can easily catch up with certain dreaded diseases like cancer or bronchitis and so on. Tetrahydrocannabinol or THC is the most powerful agent that does half of the damage. Caryophyllene is the substance that you can see the vapors of smoke, which spreads the smell all over the place, which is because of the release of aromatic terrene into the atmospheric air. Polynuclear aromatic compounds are not fit to be smoked passively too.