Why is weed illegal?


Weed is a powerful component that can control and damage the development of brain cells and also affects other brain functions. There are no good reasons for using weed but there are many bad reasons for using weed and that is why it has been illegal to use weed.

Reasons for weed being illegal

The first reason of weed being illegal is that it is addictive. Weed is not addictive from the first time it is taken. But it keeps the person in a false world and the person continuously faces hallucinations where he sees the things that are not real. It is easy to quit smoking weed but it has some withdrawal symptoms. If teenager’s intake weeds then it affects their brain development and it s difficult for them to quit it.

Earlier it was found that weed has medical uses such as in glaucoma to cancer. But this was not accepted by everyone. At national level it is not accepted that weed has medical uses and so it is proved to be illegal. Weed was closely linked with other drugs such as narcotics and heroine. Weed is not like narcotic but it was considered similar to cocaine and as they are considered illegal then weed is also considered to be illegal.Why is weed illegal

Weed is considered as a drug for the losers and hippies and it is a bad symptom. It is related with the unfashionable lifestyle. Weed affects the brain development of an individual. If it is consumed by the youngsters then it causes harm to their memory, attention and other brain functions. Sometimes excess intake of weed can also lead a person to commit suicide. It is very common amongst teenagers and it affects their education very badly. So it is preferable to band weed and it is illegal to use weed.