Benefits of marijuana


It is hard to deny that fact that there are benefits of marijuana, and the NIH which is the National Institute on Drug Abuse has listed several medical uses for marijuana. Despite all this recognition of the benefits the subject is still not easy to research and therefore even coming up with conclusive results can be an issue.

Even in states that have already legalized marijuana it is still hard for researchers to get marijuana that is grown to the exact standard necessary to conduct medical research. Add to this that most researchers will not try to produce an approved FDA marijuana product when it still has a DEA classification because of this many are not attracted to the study.

That being said, there are many medical benefits to smoking marijuana, even some potential reasons not yet proven.Benefits of marijuana

You can actually use weed as a treatment for glaucoma. When one has glaucoma there is an increased pressure to the eyeball, in extreme cases it could cause damage to the optic nerve, resulting to vision loss. When you smoke marijuana one of the effect is a reduction in pressure inside the eye, this is according to reports from the National Eye Institute. In studies conducted in the 70s, the results showed that marijuana consumption reduced intraocular pressure in people with no eye problem and those who had glaucoma. It would be important to state here that these findings also stated that over the counter pharmaceutical drugs proved more effective than marijuana.

The effects produced by marijuana can work by slowing the progression of glaucoma and in effect preventing blindness.

Marijuana can also be used to control epileptic seizures. The test was conducted on rats where it was found that seizures were gotten rid of for almost 10 hours.