Best way to smoke weed


Weed is the drug that is very common amongst the teenagers. It is generally taken in form of smoke. It is produced from the Cannabis plant. The flowers, leaves and stem of the plant are gathered and dried and the powder is produced. There are many ways in which weed can be smoked and some of the best ways are listed below. Smoking weed is dangerous to health and has some harmful effects to the system.

Ways to smoke weed

  1. Joint

Joint can be considered as the simple joy of pot smoking. It takes you to the world of simplicity. The paper and others material are available in the supermarkets and it is easy to roll the weed into that and within no time you can start smoking weed like any other form. It is easy to smoke weed in the form of joint.

  1. Blunt

There are various types of blunts available and you can choose any of them for smoking weed. Blunts are well known for their quality of burning and the calming effects that are added to the bud. There are flavored blunts also available and they are a good addition to the smoke as they add some sweet taste to the normal smoking. If blunt is consumed continuously it creates the feeling that will not let you keep away from it.Best way to smoke weed

  1. Bong

Bong is very famous when it comes to smoking weed. Bong is a water based invention of smoking that is used for cannabis smoking. It is similar to hookah but it has more sleek design as compared to hookah. It is water and an air tight tube which is filled with some water and allows the smoke to travel but it cools down the smoke before it is inhaled. It gives a better way to smoke and does not cause any burn in the mouth and throat. Bongs were very popular in smoking weed in the earlier times. Bongs are available in bamboo and metal and never used in glass. Now bongs are also available in glass and are very commonly used today. Bongs are available in various designs and styles that attract the users more towards smoking weed.

drug using teens at house party.
drug using teens at house party.
  1. Hookah

Weed helps to bring friends together. When weed is taken in form of hookah it allows four to five people to use it with hoses attached to hookah. Hookah was used in India and Persia from the beginning but now it is also famous for smoking weed. Hookah is good to use as they cool down the smoke of weed and so it does not burn the throat and mouth. While inhaling the smoke the smoke is already cooled down. In many countries the hookah lounges are available where people gather and smoke weed. The hookah party is carried out. Te herb cannabis is inhaled with a cooling effect.

There are many other ways of smoking weed but they may be more harmful. The ways listed above are commonly used and are less harmful as compared to other ways of smoking weed.