How to get weed out of your system fast


Many people want to know how to get weed out of your system fast. We will try to look at one suggestion. There are herbal supplements such as milk thistle, cayenne and psyllium seeds that have been proposed to improve the detoxification process. You can also use herbal tea or green tea which are also excellent detoxifiers.

The compounds present in these herbs work by supporting the liver to detoxify the body of chemical substances, it also assists in elimination of toxic substances. Besides just detoxifying your body, these supplements are also healthy products that one can take to improve their overall wellbeing. Herbal supplements should be able to improve the amount of time your body takes to get rid of THC, a chemical compound found in marijuana which also implants onto your body’s fatty cells.

Since we have said that THC is stored it is also believed that consistent exercises will help burn any excess fat and therefore get rid of the chemicals. Recommended exercises include jogging, heavy aerobics, fast walking, swimming and cycling.

When you exercise you will also encourage your body to take more water due to heavy workouts. This brings us to yet another way of how to get weed out of your system fast; drinking liquids. By simply increasing the amount of liquid you take you could greatly reduce the amount of THC in your system. Water intake on its own has not been proven to reduce THC in the body but the excess water can help dilute the metabolic count found in your system. The liquid that can help detox your body however is cranberry juice.

Of course you also need to eat healthy and stay away from fatty food. When you consume a lot of fatty food you make digestion less effective and increase you fat levels.