How to grow weed indoors?


Weed is also known as marijuana and it can be grown indoors as well as outdoors. Growing weed outdoors is a great idea and it is possible to make the pot of our own quality. Growing weed outdoors is not at all expensive and does not need any special equipment for it. The benefit of growing weed outside is that it can become larger and can have huge harvest. Weed is not only harmful to health but it has some health benefits. The addiction that it makes to the person who takes it makes it a negative thing. But actually it has many health benefits.

Growing weed is easy

First of all remove the thing from your mind that it is difficult to grow weed. It is very easy to grow weed. It is called weed as it grows easily and it can be grown anywhere. The weed can be grown indoors and outdoors also. The thing that is needed is the pot in which the plant will be grown. The pot can be kept indoors and t can also be kept outdoors. Cannabis is a flowering plant and it bears fruits once a year. The plant is used to create weed i.e. the flowers, leaves and stem are gathered and dried to produce weed.

How to grow weed indoors

Light for weed

The light is an important factor when weed is to be grown indoors. The light is needed for 12 hours a day so that the plants can produce flowers. The plant has a lifecycle. It is preferable to grow weed in spring because the weed grows tall in spring and at the beginning of summer. These are the preferable seasons for the weeds to grow. If summer is passed then the female plants will grow less but they will put their energy into flowers. The seeds are to be germinated and the best time to put the seeds in the soil is spring. It is always advisable to germinate twice the plants that you actually need. The baby weed plants are very likely to be eaten up by the snails and they also cannot resist the humidity and cold weather. So they are to be kept inside for time being. They should be kept safely in the starting 3 to 4 weeks so that they remain protected.

As the plants do not get sufficient light when they are grown indoors so the horticulture lighting is used. The lamp is very expensive when the weed is to be grown indoors. Some of the inexpensive lamps are also available. Some of the people who are serious in growing weed use the specialized and expensive lamps. The expensive fixtures and ballast are used when the weed is to be grown indoors. CFL can also provide enough light to put the pant into vegetation mode. Remember one thing that the intensity of light is less than the plants will develop less. There are fluorescent lamps also available which can be used as supplement to the plants for light. The bulbs and indoor lighting is important as the plants grown indoors do not give sufficient sunlight and sunlight is necessary to grow the plants. So the light is to be given great importance when weed is to be grown indoors.

How to grow weed indoors

After the plants have reached the proper development stage and reached a point then they are capable for getting flowers and can be harvested. Then it needs to have 12 hours of light and 12 hours of darkness each day. Try to put plants such that they get sunlight. If they do not get sufficient sunlight then provide direct lighting supplement to them. The best option to get the fruitful plants is to keep them in enclosed location so that they can be given proper light and darkness as per requirement.

When the plants are to be given the darkness it is important to take care that they do not get light from anywhere. If there are any light leaks then the plant will not be able to flower properly. It can cause stress and confuse the plant and can weaken the quality of the flowers it will be producing.

Care for weed

Now you have taken enough care of the plants and now let them grow. The plants need regular water and enough amount of sunlight. While giving water also take care that you do not give more than enough water to plants. Give the appropriate amount of water. Touch the soil to check about the water content. If you feel cool then the water is still in the soil. After 3 to 4 weeks, start using the fertilizer. The plants have received enough nutrients from the soil and now it is turn to give them fertilizers. There are many fertilizers available but you should select the one which is most needed by the cannabis plant. If in case you want to save money then you can go with the tomato fertilizer. Make sure you give appropriate amount of fertilizer to the plants as recommended to the plants. Keep some time and try to keep a watch n the marijuana ants every day.

Male plants are to be removed

It is necessary to remove the male plants form the plants for the proper growth of the weed. If the male plants are not removed then it results into affecting the female plants which will lead to affecting the growth of buds. As the male plants have fewer amounts is THC it is needed to remove them and so they are to be removed for the better growth of the plants. Now the plants are ready for harvesting at the age of 5 months. Most of the stigmas on the buds would have turned brown and now the plants would grow slowly. Then the flowers, stems, leaves can be gathered and dried and then they can be used to produce weed. Growing weed indoors and outdoors is very different as the climate, the sunlight and amount of water gets changed. Different precautions are to be taken in both situations.