How to Pass a Nicotine Test?


A nicotine test has become very important today, with many top companies screening employees before recruiting them, military and other organizations trying to ensure the best recruits and even anxious parents testing their teenager kids to find out whether they have been smoking secretly. Whatever the reason, it is important to pass nicotine tests for smokers. If you are curious to know how to pass a nicotine test, you can try the following ways and ensure that your body is free of the addictive chemical called nicotine that makes lots of people see red.

How Long Nicotine Stays in the System

Before you try to know how to pass a nicotine test, you need to have a proper knowledge of how long the chemical stays in the system. Nicotine or its various metabolites can be spotted in urine, saliva or hair samples for a specific period of time. The chemical can be typically found for 2 – 3 days in the saliva in saliva tests. It can be detected in the urine for 24 hours. It is present in the hair follicles for a period of 90 days. Once these time periods are over, you can easily pass a nicotine test with flair. However, if you need to pass within this period, you need to try a few ways to detoxify your system more quickly.

How to Pass Nicotine Tests Quickly

You can try the method called flushing. This is a common technique that is used to pass any type of drug test, even those conducted by military organizations. The method needs you to consume water for many days before undergoing the test. Plenty of water helps get the nicotine into your urine and have it flushed out of your body very quickly. Around a week or two before the test, you need to start drinking lots of water each day and continue having it. This will compel your body to create more urine and get nicotine expelled from your system in a more frequent manner. You should check your urine each time that you urinate. It needs to get to that point where your body expels only water and no toxin.

how to pass a nicotine test

You should also try to increase your intake of Vitamin C. It has been scientifically proven through researches that higher intake of nicotine products lead to a destruction of the Vitamin C levels in the body. Vitamin C is responsible for making the immune system stronger. Higher intake of Vitamin helps to replenish your lost vitamin reserves. It can increase the pace of metabolism and dilute the nicotine level in your urine. Presence of higher amount of nicotine can make your urine change color. The more it is expelled out of your system the clearer will be the color of your urine.

There are also many drug testing kits available in the market today, and you can use these at home in order to pass nicotine swab tests more easily. Those who know how to pass a nicotine test will also recommend mouthwashes and capsules which can assist you in passing nicotine swab test.