Weed is a harmful product that affects the development of brain of an individual. The weed smokers are not only doing harm to their own selves but they are causing harm to the society as well. The weed taker can become risk for the society. Weed causes harm and creates problems in the daily life. A study had been carried which showed that the college students who smoked 27 days out of 30 days were analyzed and the results showed that those students faced the problems of attention, learning and grasping power was decreased. Their education was completely diminished due to the intake of weed. A study explained that those who tested positive in the weed test lead to 55% of accident cases, 75% absent in work and 85% injuries. The study clearly shows that the intake of weed not only harmed the in takers but also the society.

Bad effects of weed

It has become trend in many countries that the youngsters get addicted to the drugs when they don’t even know the effects of taking them. Weed can harm the memory of a person and the impact of weed remains for weeks. A person who stops smoking weed can recover after 4 weeks. This clearly defines that how harmful the weed is. Students who use weed results into lower grades and it makes them less likely to go to the college.  They lose the ability to recognize and remember things and people. Weed affects the development of brains and so it harms its functions. Apart from that it also harms the other functions of body. The person having continuous use of weed can have breathing problems. They also have increased heart rate which can lead to heart attack and also some mental problems like anxiety, depression and many others. So it can be said that weed is bad for you.



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