Weed is also known as marijuana. It refers to the flowers, stems, dried leaves and seeds from the hemp plant of Cannabis sativa. The plants is very high and it has the capability to alter the mind as it contains the chemical delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol i.e. THC. It also contains certain other compounds. Weed is used by people in form of smoking. It is used in the hand rolled cigarettes and also used in pipes. They use weed by keeping it in the cigars that are emptied. The cigars are filled partly or completely with the weed. Some people wish to avoid smoking and so they avoid inhaling the smoke and use the vaporizers. The active ingredients of the THC are pulled and are stored in storage unit in form of vapor and then used by people. This is used by those who do not prefer to inhale the smoke. Weed can also be mixed in food like cookies, candy, brownies or can also be taken as a tea.

Long term effects

Weed affects the brain in long term. Weed affects the development of brain. If it is taken by the teenagers then it results in reduction in their thinking power, memory of the individual is also affected and the learning functions are also affected. The drug affects the connection that is build between the brain and the areas which are necessary in various functions. The effects of weed may affect the ability of the individual in the long term. A study has been performed on the teenagers who started smoking weed in higher quantities in their teenage and also continued the use resulted in losing 8 IQ points between 13 and 38 ages. After that the study continued and all those teenagers quit smoking weed. Even they quit smoking weed they were not able to recover their mental abilities when they became adults. It was also noted that those who started smoking weed when they were adults did not show any decline in the mental abilities. It is very clear that as the development is highest in the teenage the continuous use of weed results into decline of the mental abilities of the teenager.

The use of weed is also linked with mental illness in long term for some users. The weed usage in long term results into hallucinations i.e. the person sees the images and feels the sensations that are not real. The continuous and long term effects of weed are paranoia where the person faces the problem of distrust from other people. Those who are suffering from schizophrenia get worsened in long term after taking the drug weed. It is disorder which has symptoms such as paranoia, disorganized thinking and hallucinations. Some others mental problems can also be faced as long term effect of weed like anxiety, depression, and sometimes teens also take decisions of committing suicide. The use of weed also causes other problem like increase in heart rate, breathing problems but the major long term effect is on the brain.



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