Pros and cons of legalizing weed


Weed is considered as a drug that is harmful especially to the youngsters as it affects the brain cells of the persona and also affects the other functions of brain. Weed also has some health benefits like weed can be used to make butter. It can also be used to create weed tea which is very helpful when there is stress and pain. Weed is used illegally in many countries. Using weed and legalizing it has its own pros and cons which are listed below.

Pros of legalizing weed

  1. Increase in revenue

Usually government faces the problem with decrease in revenue and increase in cost. They are always looking for creative ways for boosting the income to fund the projects. Legalizing weed can be helpful as it can generate revenue in form of taxes levied on its sale and distribution.

  1. Less money for crime

At present weed is supplied illegally and revenue is generated by the drug traders from it. If weed is legalized then the revenue if the drug traders will reduce and it will help in reducing the other crimes that are supported with the money generated from the selling of weed. This can help to save lives of many.

  1. Safety

At present when people take marijuana they don’t know the effects of taking it. If weed is legalized then government will change the framework and work on the safety system so that the harm through marijuana smoke will be reduced.

  1. Medical use

Weed has many medical benefits. Many studies have been performed which has proven that using weed has solved any physical ailments of people. But as weed is illegal it is not used in medications. So legalizing weed will help to make its use in the medications. Weed is helpful to those who are undertaking the chemotherapy.Pros and cons of legalizing weed

Cons of legalizing weed

  1. Addiction

It is claimed by many that weed is not addictive and it is safe until it is consumed in smaller quantities. But the reality is not same. Once a person starts taking weed continuously he gets addicted to weed. It is difficult for him to leave weed and there are withdrawal symptoms. So legalizing weed will create more addiction problems.

  1. Drugs in hands of children

The weed drug is harmful as it affects the brain cells and causes problems with the development of brain. If weed is legalized then it will be easy for children to take it. The drug is harmful for teenagers as it damages the development of brains and they face problems such as memory, attention and other mental problems. Even after quitting weed the problems persist.

  1. Risk to society

The people who take weed in higher quantities get high and then they become risk for the society. A study has proven that many of the weed takers are responsible for the death of the others.

  1. Health problems

Weed is usually taken in form of smoking and so it affects the lungs of the person. Other than that the person has increased heart rate and it further leads to heart attack.