What happens if you eat weed instead of smoking it?


Marijuana infused edibles and the related potential health risks are the latest heated up pot conversations in the tipsy world of stoners. Edible pot in the sweetest form of a candy bar, as documented by the prominent Maureen Dowd, can curl one easily into the hallucinatory state for hours together. Intoxication resulting out of pot-infused edibles is one of the common cases that the local doctors in the state of Oregon and Colorado come across. Other than that psychotic behavior of the stocky folks and Startling, incidents were quite common in these parts of the country as reported by the local cops.

Risks associated towards eating weed compared to the smoking it, is not actually higher. Yet, it can be a costlier attempt altogether though. You may need a good amount of stuff that is of high grade to hit highs through ingesting weed.

Eating weed for high is not an affordable way of doing it for all, as you need to eat a good amount of weed to hit highs. Instead, when you are using a bit of it in oil or butter or milk and cooking it, you can gain the same effect. Similarly, when you are burning weed with a fractional amount of what you eat, you can hit high sooner than what you can do with eating weed.what happens if you eat weed

Other than that, if you look into the side effects of eating weed, then naturally, there are not any in fact. It is indeed good for your system just as if any other greens that you add on to your diet with better ability to offer you enough control over your appetite. In brief, eating weed can be an expensive approach to hit highs. Most of the stoners out there will find it to be distasteful way of hitting highs.