Why do people smoke weed?


Weed is achieved from the flowers, stems, leaves of the cannabis plant. Weed is also known as marijuana. It is a well known drug that is famous for being able to damage the brain cells and damage the development of brain. Weed is very common amongst the teenagers and it makes them to create hallucinations where they can see the things that are not in real. Weed is used illegally in many states. It has been the topic of debate in many states. It has some health benefits but the harmful effects are more. Usually people smoke weed but those who do not wish to inhale the smoke they take in form of vapors. Weed is used in butter and weed tea is also famous for the relaxation purpose and to relieve pain and stress.

Reasons of using weed

People consume weed for different purposes. Some consume weed for the medicine purposes. Some consume weed for getting the effect of THC which is the most active component of weed. Weed is also used to relieve stress, pain, anxiety and anger and also to be away from the personal and family issues. Weed is very commonly taken in the higher class families and it has become culture to take there. People think that weed is less harmful as compared to other drugs and so this perception takes people towards consuming weed. They are not aware that weed is harmful to the health. Many of the people have the excitement of trying weed and then they like it and get addicted to it. Everyone follows someone and n many cases people also follow the bad habits f their follower. Some people have the curiosity of trying weed and so they use it and get addicted to it. Some are using the weed for the relaxation purpose.