Why marijuana should be legal


One of the major issues that arise from the legalization of marijuana is that it can be used for medicinal purposes. To this end marijuana use has been legalized in different states across the United States and some countries across the world. This is normally done to ease the suffering that different patients with severe medical conditions go through. In Australia for example, the first in the marijuana petition cam in the form of state based marijuana cultivation on a trial basis. This cultivation trial was proposed based on findings from a report released by the Victorian Law Reform Commission.

However, the move is awaiting the support of the Federal authority, which is an important signatory to the international convention on narcotic drugs. The reform commission even suggested the licensing of manufacturers and cultivators who would produce the drug under regulations not so different from those that regulate the state’s opium poppy industry.

The argument for medicinal marijuana is that it should be available in different forms like oils, capsules, tinctures, sprays or vaporizers. However the same proponents also state that medicinal marijuana should not be smoked because of potential health issues. Ideally the medicinal drug would be prescribed like any other prescription drug. They also recommended that the drug should also be sold at pharmacies based on arrangements using the methadone program. This cultivation scheme should not however translate to a grow your own pot scheme.

Young children especially those suffering from severe forms of epilepsy would be among those benefiting from the program. There are many compelling stories from people who have seen friends or family benefit from medicinal marijuana. Most stated that they noticed remarkable improvement from those under their care.

The Australian commission recommended the use of medicinal marijuana for conditions like cancer, HIV or AIDS, chronic pain and epilepsy.