Bad effects of weed


Weed is a harmful product that affects the development of brain of an individual. The weed taker can become risk for the society. Weed causes harm and creates problems in the daily life. A study had been carried which showed that the college students who smoked 27 days out of 30 days were analyzed and the results showed that those students faced the problems of attention, learning and grasping power was decreased. Another study explained that weed takers were responsible for many accidents and other things which harmed the common public. The short term effects of weed are increased heart rate, lack of coordination and depression and disturbance in sleeping patterns.

Weed effects on body

As per scientist the THC which is an active component remains in body for weeks and longer. Weed smoke contains 50 to 70% of cancer causing components as compare to tobacco smoke. One single cannabis cigar can cause 5 times more harm than a tobacco cigar. It affects the functioning if lungs and respiratory system. Those who smoke weed face problems of bronchitis and other respiratory problems in long term.

The drug can cause harm to the function of brains. The THC taken in weed gets mixed with the blood and reaches the brain very easily. It affects the development of brains and it keeps the person in a different world which is not real.  Weed changes the sperm cells structure and deforms them. If weed is consumed for smaller period of time then also it affects the fertility in men. Weed can upset the menstrual cycle of women. Those who smoke THC upset their mental functions. Weed also causes cell division abnormally which can become hereditary defect. An omen who is pregnant and if she consumes weed then it affects the development of fetus and the child may face problems such as attention and memory.