Weed is very commonly known as marijuana. It is very famous amongst the youngsters and once someone tries it they get addicted to it. The use of weed creates hallucinations and the person is able to see things and structures that are not real. The effect of weed remains for long time. Weed has many short term and long term effects.  Weed has the capability to damage the brain cells. The drug controls the development of brains. If weed is taken by teenagers then they face problems such as attention, memory and other problems related to functioning of brain.

What scientists say about weed?

Weed is criticized a lot for its capability to damage the brain cells and other brain functions such as memory and learning. The claim has been kept on the drug since long time but now the scientist have decided to get rid of the claim. It is said that to keep the teens away from weed some hard statistics are shown. Scientists have now decided to find whether weed really affects the brain cells and other function of brain. The scientist say that t is a myth that weed damages the brain cells and affects other functions such as cognitive impairment, memory loss and difficulties in learning. The claim is based on the study of 1980. But then again study was done and doses weed given to humans to check whether weed damages the brain cells. The study said that even higher amounts of doses were given to humans and did not affect the brain cells. So there is confusion in whether it really affects the brain cells. But it is proved that it damages the development of brain amongst the teenagers and does not affect much to the adults. Weed is a drug and so high intake of it will lead to harmful effects to body.



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