Fact sheet on the Pros and cons of weed


Debate on the usage and effectiveness of medical marijuana remained always there as a hot-bot top ice of discussion in many forums on the web, since long time now. Here are some major benefits and the associated disadvantages that are presented to throw light on facts related to the usage of weed. Look at it now.


Medical uses of cannabis as per the doctors perspectives are some of the major pros associated towards the herb. Evidences are overwhelming to prove the fact that the herb is good enough to alleviate pain, nausea, and to relieve symptoms of multiple sclerosis, and cancer too. In fact, cannabis is one herb that is less toxic compared to most of the other drugs that are being prescribed by the docs around the nation. Proof for these facts are presented in the July edition of provident journal in the year 2004.


Lack of consistent or repetitive scientific data to prove the above facts scientifically lies as a challenge even all until now. Proven researches currently, and tested evidence based practices in medicine, just only prove it a dangerous medicinal alternative while there are so many other safer option available as drugs to cure all the above-mentioned ailments or suffering in individuals.


Claims filed legally by the researches of American college of physicians goes to show a lot of promise in the medicinal benefits of the drug, cannabis in curing dreaded diseases like Glaucoma. Pressure in the eye is maintained optimal or brought down to ideal conditions with smoking weed, as a majority of the stoners, around the country, assumes it.


According to the reports from the national eye institute, there are no proofs to substantially support those claims even as of now, while the research on the same is going on, since 1978. There were no foolproof evidences submitted by the researchers and scientists so far, even after several tests conducted related to that assumption, to prove any positive point. There is no evidence to prove that the pressure in the eye can be optimized with smoking weed. So many other drugs are effective in bringing down the intraocular pressure


Evidence based reports show that there are so many patients that got their immune system strengthened better, after receiving cannabinoids or any other similar kind of pills containing marijuana, in the place of other placebos.


There are chances of damaging the pulmonary tract badly, when you smoke more than 20 or more cigarettes per day. Equivalent or more damage is caused when you smoke 3-4 weed rolls. In addition, smoking weed impairs the learning or listening ability in individuals temporarily. Work place accidents and the automobile accidents that are reported in the past decades are most often related to the drivers and workers, under the influence of such narcotics.

The fact sheet above can clear you the distinct benefits of using marijuana in your daily activity, and the associated risks as well. To not to invite risks and to stay healthier for longer, marijuana is certainly not an option for anyone.