Meth is the stimulant that is capable for controlling the central nervous system. Meth is white colored and it starts affecting the body since the first day it is taken. Meth is a powerful drug that affects the body and creates the false feeling of well being and energy but it is not in real. As soon as the effects of meth goes down it results into bringing the person into the real world and inducing the feeling of anger and depression to the person. Sometimes the more intake of the meth drug results into death of the individual. There are some conflicts and it is not clearly defined that how long the meth does stays in the system as it depends on various factors.

Meth in urine

The meth remains in the body and it remains for different time in different parts. The meth drug may stay for a different amount of time in urine as compared to the blood. Meth stays for 3 to 5 days in the urine and starts reflecting in the urine after 2 to 5 hours of taking it. The time meth stays in urine depends on certain factors that are physiological and also some other factors. The age, weight of the individual decides the time that meth stays in the urine. It is also counted that how frequently the meth drug is taken by the individual. If the individual is continuously taking the eth drug then it will available in urine all the time. The metabolic rate of the body is also important when the time for which the meth drug will stay in the urine is decided. The person who has a higher metabolic rate will be able to remove the meth drug from the body as compared to others. So the factors and health of individual decides the time but the common time is 3 to 5 days.



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