Effects of marijuana in the body and in the brain particularly, are studied with keen interests by the forensic research department, to find some interesting facts. Mode of administration of the drug will determine the duration of its existence in the human system. Still, you can find traces of its components or by products in the urine, even after so many hours of its use. Quality of weed that you smoke will determine the duration of its lasting in the system. Effects of weed that is ingested orally are not heavier. Stoners find it hard to hit highs that way. Yet, orally ingested marijuana will last in the system for a longer period compared to smoking weed.

Psychoactive effects of marijuana that lasts in a person will be determined by many factors that are listed below.

  • General wellbeing of the individual, age, weight and height
  • THC contained in the dosage
  • Repeated usage
  • Types of weed
  • Mode of administration
  • Individual level of tolerance to the drug
  • Environment around

All these factors will majorly determine the effects that last in the system. Costs are not cheaper as well. Interestingly, when you are well aware of the medicinal benefits of this wonder drug, and know clearly on how to use in the effective ways to avail maximum benefits out of it, then you can pay the price without hesitation. This is also one another reason for why there are buyers that are desperate to buy it. Purity is necessary here. You get price for what you have when the quality is good. Licensed dispensaries are selling the medical cannabis in the 23 states where the medicinal cannabis sales is allowed. What is found on the black market in the other states will vary in the price from one place to the other; from one seller to the other.



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