How to get marijuana out of your system


When you smoke marijuana, your system metabolizes THC or tetrahydrocannabinol through the liver into a more non psychoactive form of THC which is carboxylic acid, written as THC-COOH. The main compound found in the marijuana plant is THC and is the compound that is responsible with producing the ‘high’ feeling one gets after consuming weed.  When THC is metabolized by the liver it turns into a soluble lipid metabolite that can be detected from your system way after the effects of the drug have worn off.

Therefore when THC takes the form of THC-COOH it becomes a fat which is stored the fatty cells. And, before THC can be flushed out of the body, it will have to be released through the blood stream also. The period of time that the metabolite spends in your body and the amount it also takes for it to be completely removed from the system will depend on several things. Some of these include the potency of the weed, the quantity consumed, how often one smokes the drug and how fast your body is able to metabolize the drug.

How to get marijuana out of your system

Consumers who are not frequent say those who consume weed may be once or twice a month could succeed in flushing all traces of THC from the system between ten to thirteen days. For heavy users who say smoke weed almost four or seven time weekly would have a higher base of the lipid metabolite in the fatty cells and as a result it would require almost between 30 and 90 days for the THC to be cleansed out of the system.

Quickie Weed Cleanses

There are many quick fix solutions that can detox one from the effects of weed that you can find in the market. These solutions claim to cleanse you as quickly as from one day up to ten days before you go for a drug test. In this case they promise you will pass the test. How these drugs work is by masking the THC in the system by using a diuretic herb or by flushing synthetic supplements, these cleansers also encourage one to take lots of water and Gatorade.

You should probably know that all these quick fix methods will not rid your system of THC completely. As a matter of fact, you will find that these experts who also provide solutions will advise you to avoid some activities like eating foods with high fiber or heavy workout sessions that could result in sweating, activities which could be quite useful in getting rid of cannabis from the system.

The reason why some of these activities could be discouraged? When you do not exercise your body will react by storing the THC laced metabolites in the fatty cells rather than releasing them into the kidney where it will also find its way into the urine. When you consume fatty meals, your system reacts by spiking your creatine levels which will result to darkened urine and therefore not allow the urine to become highly diluted. When urine is highly dilutes it could result in a failed drug test and you could be asked to repeat the test.