How to grow weed outdoors?


Weed is also known as marijuana and it can be grown indoors as well as outdoors. Growing weed outdoors is a great idea and it is possible to make the pot of our own quality. Growing weed outdoors is not at all expensive and does not need any special equipment for it. The benefit of growing weed outside is that it can become larger and can have huge harvest.

Climate for growing weed

It is easy to grow weed outdoors when the climate is warm and sunny and the surrounding are necessary for the growth of weed when it is grown outside. First of all an outdoor cannabis strain is needed. There are many strains available that have the breeds which are famous for the outdoor cultivation. The strains finish earlier. The strains don’t need much time for flowering stage. The strains would be resistant to mould and humidity.

The plant has a lifecycle. It is preferable to grow weed in spring because the weed grows tall in spring and at the beginning of summer. These are the preferable seasons for the weeds to grow. If summer is passed then the female plants will grow less but they will put their energy into flowers.

Place for growing weed

A right place for growing the plants is important when they are grown outdoors. The plants need atleast 6 hours of sunlight per day. The more light the plants get they will grow more and will give better results. The place where the plants are grown should be hidden and if they are grown in summer then take care to give them sufficient water. Garden is the best place for growing weed if you are growing outdoors. It is also preferable to put the weed plants into pot so that it becomes easy to move them. This is useful as they can be hidden. Cannabis mixes with other plants properly and so it should be kept a bit away from other plants otherwise recognizing it would be difficult.

The seeds are to be germinated and the best time to put the seeds in the soil is spring. It is always advisable to germinate twice the plants that you actually need. The baby weed plants are very likely to be eaten up by the snails and they also cannot resist the humidity and cold weather. So they are to be kept inside for time being. They should be kept safely in the starting 3 to 4 weeks so that they remain protected.

Once then plant gets germinated put them outside after 3 to 4 weeks. Make sure that the temperature does not fall less than 0 degree Celsius otherwise the plants will die. The quality of soil also matter in growth of weed. The soil with great quality has dark color and it is almost black in color. There are some fertilizers in the soil which protect the plant form some insects. The marijuana seeds like to have light soil which has food in it. Make sure that your do not pressurize the soil as the roots need oxygen for their functioning. If you are using plastic pots then make some holes in the pot so that it can help the plants to grow.

Weed care

Now you have taken enough care of the plants and now let them grow. The plants need regular water and enough amount of sunlight. While giving water also take care that you do not give more than enough water to plants. Give the appropriate amount of water. Touch the soil to check about the water content. If you feel cool then the water is still in the soil. After 3 to 4 weeks, start using the fertilizer. The plants have received enough nutrients from the soil and now it is turn to give them fertilizers. There are many fertilizers available but you should select the one which is most needed by the cannabis plant. If in case you want to save money then you can go with the tomato fertilizer. Make sure you give appropriate amount of fertilizer to the plants as recommended to the plants. Keep some time and try to keep a watch n the marijuana ants every day.

Removing the male plants

When the plants grow there are times that the male marijuana plants do not give sufficient levels of THC and so they are to be removed. If they are not removed then they affect the female plants.  The buds would not be able to grow and so it is necessary to remove the male plants with lower THC levels.

Now the plants are ready for harvesting at the age of 5 months. Most of the stigmas on the buds would have turned brown and now the plants would grow slowly. Then the flowers, stems, leaves can be gathered and dried and then they can be used to produce weed.