How to make weed butter?


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            Now the butter is ready so strain the weed butter in a bowl and take care that it does not get spilled. When the saucepan is not filled very carefully pick the cheesecloth from all four sides and squeeze the butter which is left.

            Keep the butter so that it cools down. Keep it to cool for about an hour. Keep the bowl in fridge and let it be there till the butter has risen and has become solid. As the butter is kept in fridge and the layer has increased and become solid it means that the THC and other properties have been added to the butter.

            Take a knife and apply it on the edges and take the butter out. Keep the bowl upside down and pour any cooking water on it. Your butter is ready.

            The recipe shows that it is very easy to prepare butter from weed. It has simple steps but it is needed to maintain the temperatures and measurements. Sometimes it is tricky to prepare butter from weed but still it is simple and at the end it gains all the THC and other properties.