Is marijuana legal in Canada


There are at least three in ten adults in Canada who are possible users of legalized marijuana. According to recently released poll results the Canadian market for marijuana consumption could stand at a possible 8 million users. The poll results were released by Forum Research, a Canadian firm. They found that a high number of Canadians want a push for the restriction of marijuana industry regulated and controlled should it ever be legalized. This was based on comments made by Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

Given that the issue of marijuana legalization is more of likelihood now than ever, it is noted that an increased number of Canadians have joined the marijuana legalization debate as many would want the issue to be addressed the political leaders. Most of the Canadians interviewed however wanted the marijuana industry to be run like any corporate organization which would make government regulation easier.

From other results it emerged that at least 18 per cent of the Canadian population have consumed cannabis in the past year alone. The same results also showed that yet another 13 per cent of the same population would consume marijuana should it ever be legalized. All in all, the cannabis market is expected to grow in Canada should legalization take place. There is a potential demand market of marijuana of at least $5 billion every year. This is based on the poll results that at least three in ten Canadians consume marijuana. The potential market translates to at least 8 million people, which is a good size and should present good news to the industry players.

According to another poll result from StatsCan, there is a demographic of young adults, those above the age of 19 which represents 26.9 million of the population who are betting that the legal weed smoking age will fall within their age bracket.