Negative effects of weed


Weed is the drug that is also known as marijuana. It is very powerful and has the capability of altering the mind. Weed is used by people in form of smoking. It is used in the hand rolled cigarettes and also used in pipes. Some people who do not wish to inhale the smoke prefer to consume the vapors of weed. Weed is a very common drug amongst the teenagers and it affects the mental abilities of the person. The development of brains is affected by the consumption of weed.

Effects of weed

Weed results into breathing problems for the individuals. The smoke generated from the weed affects the lungs and if the weed is consumed continuously and in higher quantities then it affects the body and causes the breathing problems similar to the tobacco smoking. The breathing problems include cough and also causes ling illness which is very frequent. There are high risks of getting the lung infections. And finally the intake of weed also results into lung cancer. Weed affects the lungs and so the body very badly.

Intake of weed increases the heart rate. It increases the heart rate of the person for almost 3 hours of taking the weed in form of smoking. Weed also results into the chances of heart attack. Those who already have heart problems are at higher risk if they intake weed.

If weed is consumed during pregnancy then it can affect the development of brain of the child. The brain development and the behaviors of the babies are highly affected. If weed is consumed by the pregnant lady then it affects certain parts of the fetus brain. The child may face problems such as memory problem, will not be able to solve problems and will also face attention problems. The THC is also excreted in the breast milk and so that also affects the brain of the child.