What does weed do to you?


Weed is also known as marijuana and comes from Cannabis plant. The seeds, leaves, flowers and stems of the plant are gathered and dried and then they can be used. Weed is usually taken by people in form of smoke but some also take it in form of vapor. It contains one of the ingredient delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol i.e. THC. When the smoke of THC is inhaled it immediately gets mixed with the blood and reaches the brain with the blood stream. It affects various parts of body.

Weed affecting you

Weed is made up of many toxic chemicals that harm the body. The chemicals can disturb and irritate the lungs and the respiratory system. A regular weed smoker will face problems such as cough, wheeze and other problems. It also results into increase in lung infections and the bronchitis. The THC in weed moves into the blood stream and affects it badly. THC gets mixed into blood within minutes of consuming weed. It increases the heart rate and in long run it can lead to heart attack. Those who already have heart problems are at higher risk when weed is consumed continuously.

THC releases dopamine in large amounts which makes the feeling of pleasure and high. It affects the sensation of the body. When weed is consumed in food or drink it affects less as compared to when it is smoked. Smoking weed also affects the digestive system. It causes the burning in throat and mouth. When THC is taken orally it affects the liver and it also causes nausea and vomiting. Too much intake of weed can also lead to cancer and AIDS. The weed also affects the immune system of your body. It is known to everyone that immune system is necessary as it protects the body from illness.

In general it can be said the weed causes harm to your body in every sense. It feels good when it is taken but the after effects are very dangerous.