Why marijuana should not be legalized?


When did we get to a situation where cigarette smokers are viewed as pariahs while marijuana smokers are hailed like heroes? All these happening despite the fact that marijuana smokers across the world are identified as low class, low morale, degenerate, and unfortunately are most often smelly. Most potheads are seen as failures and that’s just the reality.

A high percentage of individuals will agree that smoking is a dangerous and dirty affair that will rob you of your age, as compared to drinking that is slightly less dangerous that can result in a number of hundred thousand deaths annually. As if that is not enough we want to add on to the problem by legalizing marijuana consumption. This assumption is similar to saying that since you have a broken arm and a bad back, why not add a spanner to the works by breaking your neck just to top it all.

How many lives do we need to put on the line just because a high number of the population have tried weed once or twice in their lives, and got away with it and now they cannot live with themselves for that fact? Will we settle for 100 people for every one person being imprisoned? Or will it be 1,000 or 10,000? There is definitely a very good reason why marijuana consumption was abolished to start with and quite honestly, the major reason why cigarettes and alcohol are still legal is because they implanted themselves into who we are as a people, so deep that as a people we cannot reverse the situation.

If marijuana should be kept illegal of course it will mean a significant cost, both human and financial, to keep it that way. But it is even more costly to legalize it.