Effects of smoking weed while pregnant


Weed refers to the flowers, stems, dried leaves and seeds from the hemp plant of Cannabis sativa. The plants is very high and it has the capability to alter the mind as it contains the chemical delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol i.e. THC. It is used in the hand rolled cigarettes and also used in pipes. Some people wish to avoid smoking and so they avoid inhaling the smoke and use the vaporizers. The active ingredients of the THC are pulled and are stored in storage unit in form of vapor and then used by people. This is used by those who do not prefer to inhale the smoke. Weed can also be mixed in food like cookies, candy, brownies or can also be taken as a tea. People claim that weed is not addictive. It is true it is not addictive form the first time of use but once it is consumed continuously it becomes addictive. People smoke weed to be relaxed and it is also used in some of the medications. But it is thought that whether it is safe to use weed during pregnancy.

Quit weed during pregnancy

There are women who are constantly taking weed and they ask their doctors whether it is safe to take weed when they are pregnant or they should quit using it. There are lots of studies performed that show that weed harms the baby. Weed affects the judgment and other abilities of the mother and so it affects the child in her womb. Moreover addiction of weed also affects the lungs of the mother and so it is a risk for the child also.

The BabyCenter says that it is better to be safe than sorry. They claim that the use of weed affects the growth and development of the baby. It affects the parts of fetus where the nervous system of the child is affected. So they prefer that smoking weed should be left when the women is pregnant. The consumption of weed deteriorates the health of the mother and it directly affects the health of the child. Weed is considered illegal and it is proved that it has harmful effects in the nervous system and brain development. A child has the maximum brain development in the womb and also in teenage. But if the mother consumes weed then the development of child’s brain is hindered.Effects of smoking weed while pregnant

If the mother has the habit of smoking weed before conceiving then it is safe. There are fewer chances that the child will be affected with the harmful effects of weed. It is preferable to discuss this issue with the doctor and take the necessary medications so that the health if the mother and child both are maintained. The habits and addictions of weed can affect the progress of the baby and can keep it to a steady pace. So it is preferable that weed should be left when the mother is pregnant and it should also be quit when the planning of having a baby is done. This is important for the better health of the baby.