How to detox from weed


They say that marijuana can stay in your system for years. This is why finding the best detox program is useful in ensuring that you flush it all out. A high number of marijuana detox programs intend to flush the system of any detectable traces of THC. Some of the detox kits come with chewable tablets, capsules, shampoos, drinks and funny enough mouthwash that can assist you pass a saliva test should you have to do one. But if you are detoxing because you want to pass a drug test this tactic could prove counterproductive. This is because for any detox substance you take it will also show in your urine and therefore raising some red flags.

There are teas and cleansers that you can take to lower the presence of THC in your system. They are able to do this because they have diuretic properties. As a result they cause one to urinate frequently, which in essence clears the kidneys of any intoxicants.

This frequency in flushing in kidney can reduce the specific density or gravity found in urine. When the gravity of your urine is low going by certain standards it indicates to the test that there is contamination to the test and your specimen is rejected as a result.

Another way that is being proposed to as a detox method is the reduction of creatinine found in urine. You could still do this by taking teas and cleansers but drug tests have been tailored to look for it. So any abnormal mounts of creatinine could also indicate that your sample is contaminated. As long as the tester notices this variation it will be safe to assume that you were doing this in preparation for the test and it may require a lot of your effort to prove otherwise.