Is weed good for you physically or mentally?


Hot debate of the hour; is whether Marijuana is a gateway herb, to the usage of many other dangerous substances with THC in higher dosage? Most of the studies conducted have positively revealed that almost 87% of the drug addicts in the habitation centers started the habit with only marijuana first. This implies clearly that the gateway hypotheses of marijuana has a huge scope. Even ahead of this, many individuals latch in to this habit of smoking weed, only after they get to know on how to smoke a cigarette first. So, can we say that both nicotine as well as cannabis be stamped as Gateway drugs to dreaded mental illness in individuals over a period?

Counting on the benefits of cannabis extracts, it can certainly be used as a medicine in micro doses as per the prescription of the physicians. On the other hand, smoking weed on your own, at your liberty is not going to serve any true purpose at all. Most of the stoners know it pretty well that they are not doing something really health conscious for sure. Still, they try to convince themselves in one way or the other, by talking about the medicinal power of the herb cannabis.Is weed good for you physically or mentally

You can just say that to be a poor excuse that they offer to themselves for having gone addicted to it already. Smoking weed is not a solution to any problems neither mentally nor physically. Smoking weed is not healthier at all. It spoils your mental as well as physical wellbeing in a short span of time. There are chances to catch up with some dreaded diseases like cancer or arthritis or pulmonary disorders, because of heavy smoking of pot. Weed is not good for anyone and it is to be avoided by everyone at any point of time.